30 photos to inspire you to visit New Delhi
Are you planning to visit India? Here are 30 photos to inspire you to visit New Delhi, to make you fall in love with this ancient gem of a turbulent imperial past and sparkling present. Nineteen million citizens, impressive architecture, temples and ruins, top shops, incredible spas and authentic experiences. This is the place for taking inspiration and finding unique travel tips. We’ll show you everything that should be on your list of Things to Do in New Delhi.
— November 7th, 2018
 “Delhi is beautiful. Delhi is irresistible. And Delhi is memorable.” Delhi is everything. It’s the past and the future. It’s lifestyle and authentic local experiences. It’s rumors and chaos but also silence and clarity. It’s history and ruins or shopping and spas. Tea time and Sunday brunch. International cuisines and renowned chefs. Cafes and Jazz clubs. Sunset walks around beautiful green parks. It’s street art and yellow & green tuk tuk.

I asked my soul: what is Delhi?
She replied: the world is the body and Delhi its life..
Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib

Just open your eyes, he says.
If you know how to look, even the abandoned ruins of the past are alive.
City of Djinns
William Dalrymple


Every time we left our Delhi flat, we’d return home with more questions than answers.
Dave Prager

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