A pilgrimage into the mystical south of India
When you’re designing the ultimate itinerary for India, the question that immediately comes to mind is why visit south of India? This is not a post where you’ll find a south India tourist places list, but rather we’re going to help you by giving you the key that opens the door to India’s true mysticism.
— February 5th, 2018

What are the main ingredients of this mesmerizing experience? The beauty of the phenomenal architecture, the incredibly surprised and dumbfounded faces followed by the glow of certainty: I am going to do that!


Laugh, become a tribe, feel a sense of union, learn something about this ancient culture and participate to spiritual processes accessible here, only for us.


This is how a journey through the top temples in south India became a beautifully thrilling journey into ourselves, thanks to Isha Sacred Walks.

Why visit south of India?

The beautiful/obvious answer is because you’ll find an array of mind-blowing options: the French-style city of Pondicherry, Aleppy’s houseboat in Kerala, the Ruins of Hampi, the wildlife of the numerous National Parks, romantic getaways to waterfalls and the timeless marvels of thousands of ancient temples that you mainly find in the Tamil Nadu region. All these are absolutely worth a visit, but if you ask us, the truest response touches the very roots of this nation, the thing that you can find nowhere else, and that allows you to catch a glimpse of what mysticism, devotion and spiritual processes are. The kinds of things you experience beyond what is merely seen.

…to catch a glimpse of what mysticism, devotion and spiritual processes are. The kinds of things you experience beyond what is merely seen.

In order to do that you need a guide—not just a normal tourist guide that leads you around. You want a guide that can be trusted to deliver you to highly secret, holy places, where foreigners are not allowed. You need someone with the knowledge and awareness to conduct ancient rituals and spiritual processes geared for you… plus, the kind of guide that organizes every detail, so that you don’t have to worry about things like itinerary, transportation, tickets, how to survive the chaos of each temple, how to find fresh delicious food, nice clean hotels and many more aspects of this journey.

We know that you want to make this experience happen, even if you probably don’t have a clear vision of what it’s all about! So let’s start from the beginning…

About Isha Sacred Walks

Let’s try to describe Isha Sacred Walks. We can start by saying it’s not a tour operator but one of the activities organized by Isha Yoga Center, the ashram founded by Sadhguru Jagi Vasudeva contemporary Yogi, Mystic and Enlightened Master—located only forty kilometers from Coimbatore city. We found so many interesting things to do in Isha, starting with true Hatha Yoga, the one that in its purest form has nothing to do with our usual urban yoga classes, and meditation programs that allow you to experience meditation in a scientific way, plus rejuvenation programs based on allopathic, Ayurvedic and siddha therapies. Isha Yoga Center is definitely the place to go if a vacation in the south of India is calling you. 

The Sacred Walks Southern Sojourn has been, for us, an unusual and unique way to walk in the Land of Temples—the Tamil Nadu region, so named because it’s home to 33,000 ancient temples, some of which date back to 2,000 BCE.


But why would an ashram organize this kind of trip, and moreover, why should we join, instead of going independently at our own pace?
The primary reason is because they care about making everyone touch a different dimension of life and about offering a perspective that would not come to us in any other way. They will take you to powerful places helping you to experience them.
Isha Sacred Walks is described as a journey where the veil between the physical and spiritual is thin. A yatra through spaces that can revitalize and energize us, and give us an experience of our inner nature.

And now, what is a yatra??
This is a prime reason for making the journey with them, rather than alone.
So many terms, concepts and cultural-spiritual things are involved, that by going alone, we risk becoming overwhelmed in our search for information, or, faced with so much to absorb and comprehend, we might give up and settle for a superficial experience.
A yatra is a pilgrimage to places of yogic significance, saturated with the energies of many Masters.

What does Isha say about it?
Most of these sacred spots were not just created as places of worship; rather, they are energized spaces that leave a lasting impression and impact on everyone who visits them.

There are temples designed for specific sadhana—meaning yoga practices, small ashrams and caves where certain Masters stayed in a state of Samadhi or attended the Mahasamadhi, and for that reason, their energies are still there, alive, strong, impossible to not be felt.

So again, what do these two terms mean?
Sadhguru explains it in the following video.

You’ll need to know them if you’re planning a trip to the top temples in south India in order not to miss the fundamentals of these places, something very unusual for people from a western culture.

So, why choose Isha Sacred Walks?

Isha makes available an India not accessible to those who organize the trip independently.

Their way of doing things is extremely careful of every tiny detail: food, transportation, safety, the right combination of archeological insight, meditation, mysticism, nature and fun, plus the Isha volunteers travel with you, caring for you with a deep intensity and involvement, and elevating you to live the journey at a completely different level.

Second, it’s not a tour, it’s a YATRA guided by Sadhguru through expert Swami and Maa—seekers in the aesthetic path—that know exactly what to do in each place and will enable you to see these architectural phenomena through their eyes, going deep beneath the surface. They ensure that every person who participates in the yatra is receptive to the power of these energized spaces that, according to the yogic science, can have an incredible impact on our lives.

Third, they make order out of the chaos of the big temples that are swarmed by people, and offer little internal organisation—there’s no prescribed route for a proper visit. Vibhuti and kumkum are applied between the eyebrows. Shiva and Parvati. Offerings, mantras, queues can make it difficult to understand the flow of where you’re going. Furthermore, they take you into the innermost chamber of each temple where the linga—a consecrated form—generally resides and where people from overseas are not allowed to enter. Again, only Isha can make it possible.

They ensure that every person who participates in the yatra is receptive to the power of these energized spaces

Isha Sacred Walks organizes four different trips every year: Kailash Manasarovar in July-August, Himalayas in September-October, Varanasi in November and Southern Sojourn in February. Follow each link to read more information about programs, itineraries, registration and prerequisites for participating in these amazing yatras.

Here instead our personal experience of the Southern Sojourn with the daily itinerary. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit these powerful places, and to deeply experience them.
This could be an authentic, life-changing experience!

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