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Indian Accent, led by internationally renowned chef Manish Mehrotra, is not only rated the #1 restaurant in India but placed among Asia's 50 Best Restaurants. Also featured in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants List By S. Pellegrino, Indian Accent in New Delhi beckons as a foodies destination. If your travel focus is on up-and-coming chefs and culinary trends, a meal at Indian Accent will be gastronomic ecstasy.
— November 1st, 2018
New Delhi is considered the most happening food destination in India thanks to a myriad of amazingly good and exquisitely beautiful restaurants, ones that feature diverse cuisines from around the world. Gastro-tourism tops the list of reasons why you should visit New Delhi where the best foodies itinerary starts (or ends!) with Chef Manish Mehrotra and his revered restaurant, Indian Accent.

Chef Manish Mehrotra – nice to meet you!

Chef Manish lives in New Delhi with his wife and daughter, but his culinary journey started in Mumbai. He traveled across Asia before landing in New Delhi, where in 2009 Indian Accent was born. For nine years Manish was trained in Pan-Asian cuisine and all his travels and explorations are expressed in his dishes.
It’s impossible to categorize his cuisine: of course it’s Indian, with flavors representing the most typical & traditional dishes of his country. Yet it’s different from everything else labeled “Indian” thanks to nuanced layers of seasoning, and sophisticated interpretations of flavors from Manish cuisine.

“My ultimate goal is to get more respect for Indian food, bringing Indian cuisine to the next level.”

Chef Manish Mehrotra is known for consistently providing unique culinary experiences, so different from the rest that he initially encountered resistance to his concept, which he describes as  “… slightly different, but Indian at its heart.”

Mehrotra’s menus are truly unpredictable, each one an intense encounter, a mingling of rare flavors and Indian tradition rendered with global technique and ingredients.

Here’s a beautiful interview made by OhMore Tasty

“What we are doing at Indian Accent is taking out traditional and home food and regional dishes, and uplifting it while keeping the traditional flavours and authenticity intact; and uplifting in such a way that it becomes a global indian dish, where Indians or non-Indians, everybody is comfortable with.”

About Indian Accent

Can you imagine a celebrity Indian chef supported by a smashing kitchen brigade, in a urban boutique resort? This is Indian Accent in New Delhi. Located at The Lodhi hotel it’s the perfect venue for an amazing, unexpected dinner experience. It’s open seven days a week, serving lunch starting from noon and dinner in two shifts: the first at 7pm and the later service beginning at 9.45pm.

The cuisine at Indian Accent is Inventive Indian. The Vegetarian Chef’s tasting menu was the high point of our night! We always appreciate Michelin star chef restaurants, but not all of them can surprise you with a knock out vegetarian menu. Indian Accent Vegetarian Chef’s tasting menu is sheer culinary wizardry that you absolutely must experience, (even if you’re a carnivore).

“Can I explain how the menu works?”

This is how began our culinary adventure, and from the first course the magic began to unveil…
A dish called Puchkas Five Water was the starting plate of the night. It’s basically the uplifting of a the most famous Kolkata street food. The puchkas are round, hollow, fried, crispy bread that you fill with five different “waters” made with tamarind, buttermilk and other notable indian flavors. Such vibrant colors! An unexpected array of flavors in each vegetarian recipe, plus the fact that you sometimes have to assemble the dish by yourself, makes the dinner an interactive, elegant and sooo good food experience..

Fresh falsa and churan kulfi sorbet

Mushroom, water-chestnut, paper roast dosai

Misht doi cannoli, sweet amaranth


Every single dish of the Chef’s Tasting menu was above our expectations in terms of shapes, textures, colors, flavors and mise en place. The main course (which was unbelievably good) was followed by the question: “Would you like to have more?”… and it was impossible to say no even with full bellies!

For me, Indian Accent in New Delhi represents the greatest vegetarian menu I’ve ever tasted. I’m looking forward to trying the American and European variants of this menu in the Indian Accent locations in New York City and London. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste the one and only Indian restaurant on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants List :D

Soy keema, quail egg, lime leaf butter pao.

“Chef Manish Mehrotra does Indian cuisine with a contemporary spin… or perhaps modern food with an Indian accent”

Meethe chawal.


Ghee roast mutton boti.

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