Handmade lingerie and bikini from Milan
If you’re looking for amazing places where to shop in Milan, you’ll find countless choices. It’s not a secret that Milan is the fashion capital, boasting four of the most beautiful retail streets in the world, called “Il quadrilatero della moda”. There you’ll find all the most important fashion and luxury brands on your list. Fabulous, indeed... but not a secret. We want you to discover one of the little treasures of the city, because the true Milanese style is not made up of only big name brands.
— November 15th, 2018
Writing by Chiara Egisti
Selected by Anna Pergolesi
Shopping at Individuals Milano is definitely on our list of the essential things to do in Milan. They offer a mix of clothing, lingerie, and beachwear made of fabrics, prints and tailoring so unique and flattering that you can’t help but become a devoted customer. Details and creative packaging make Individuals Milano’s garments the perfect gift.

The mood and the shop

You know that friend who is always perfect every time you run into her, the one that can look crazy-cool even in a tracksuit, beautifully disheveled and seemingly without makeup? The one you find so fascinating when she speaks about philosophy, poetry and music. The one you can’t stop looking at because behind an apparently casual look, there’s got to be a lot of study and research… you know this… and you’d give a lot to know where she found those pants or that amazing accessory that doesn’t lead you back to the big fashion brands

Milan, like Paris, hides its small treasures, which are huge finds. Businesses such as these are born thanks to people who escaped, who are too creative to conform to a life working in a large company. Stories of talent and healthy rebellion. Of venturing out, and returning. Of handmade methods and a search for excellence. Of artists, dance & music. Of small markets and international renown. Stories of women and beauty, and different body types. Uniqueness. So many stories that were transformed into fabulous fabrics and masterful tailoring. For me, all these elements render Individuals Milano a place on the fashion continuum halfway between Milan’s radical chic and London’s Portobello Road and Brick Lane crafts market, where Individuals Milano got its start.

When I enter Individuals Milano shop, I always feel a London ambience thanks to its creative people and unique design. I love to exchange fashion talk with Tiziana and the other girls, who are waiting to help me choose between the million different prints, textures and styles. Choosing is always so hard! I swear you’ll find at least 10 things you (desperately!) need in your closet. It’s entirely possible that you’ll end up buying things for yourself, your next few birthdays and Christmas presents. They always have the perfect gift, the one that makes you feel the coolest-of-them-all because the item is so sophisticated and sought after, really fabulous and not at all ostentatious. If I had to describe in three words the kind of person that always finds this kind of present I would choose: intelligent, cool and expressive!

“Individuals still hand-cuts every single piece of fabric using nothing but hands and scissors

It’s not only about the products, the packaging always wins points. It’s creative, distinctive. You can be sure that nobody else will give the same gift… almost every single Individuals garment is unique. Unlike the big brands that produce on an industrial level, Individuals is able to exceed the limits related to the production process thanks to their choice of not using machines. Factories need homogeneous pieces to be crafted by machines, while Individuals still hand-cuts every single piece of fabric using nothing but hands and scissors. Carlo, the designer and owner of Individuals Milano (more on him later) always says that he’s keeping the best part of the job for himself: the initial cut… and we are so thankful for that!

The designer and the brand

Carlo Galli is the designer and owner of the shop. He told us about how everything started from a summer love… falling in love in the setting sun, about his ability to draw using scissors and fabrics instead of pencils and colors, about his unceasing desire to tell the world all the different varieties of people and their transformations. He follows his own rules and not the sartorial tradition taught by his predecessors. He really is passionate and dedicated to the process of creation. When I think about Carlo, I can see him surrounded by many forms of art, artists and artisans, concentrated on studying, selecting and creating a very unique and special product. Because for him every woman’s body is unique and he creates underwear and beachwear for every woman’s preference and comfort. He wants his clothing to reflect the characteristics of each individual… and does so by the name “Individuals Milano”.

Carlo’s ideas and story inspire me so much that he immediately became one of our SuperHeroes. If you’re thinking of making a change—to begin living the life you’ve always dreamt about—get inspiration from Carlo’s story.

Individuals Milano is a place for women. All kinds of women with common aspirations: a sophisticated look, definitely not conforming to the masses. Unique, top drawer taste in terms of prints and textile selection… all made in an array of styles… these are the underlying strengths that attract all top (and wanna be :D) milanese radical chic (VIPs and non) to choose Individuals for each season. This is the place to find what represents you the most during each moment of the day, in each situation of your life. In both underwear and beachwear you’ll find every style in one place: high waist, low waist—sexier models or more alternative or younger. Leggings, shorts, crop tops, trousers, pajamas, lingerie and swimwear. A wide selection of underwear and beachwear clothing. Everything Made in Italy. Carlo is the king of combining the best tradition of Italian craftsmanship with the best manufacturing practices. Prints and fabrics are from Como while the cuts and creativity are from Milan.


If you’re thinking about where to shop in Milan, I guarantee that this small, creative studio with hundreds of colors and prints will soon be a part of your essential guide to shopping in Milan. If you’re looking for the best Milan shopping tours, CONTACT US!

Here’s one last detail that really made me fall in love with Individuals and Carlo:
he does continuous research on wearability to perfectly adapt all his garments to your body. He started this from an intuition born of a classical dancer.

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