Let’s start planning your trip! 

This is how it works:

On the Services menu, choose between 3 options: Personal Travel Advisor, Travel Agency (available only for Peru) and Other… 

About Personal Travel Advisor: 

On the second question “How long would you like to go?”, choose between the 4 options and fill out the form with as much information as possible. For a day or weekend plan, after clicking “send” a Paypal page will open. When you pay the fee, we’ll begin working on your vacation. For a week or longer plan, after clicking “send” you’ll receive an email within 48hrs answering your questions, and instructions on the next step: 50% of the fee is due up front, and 50% upon completion of your plan. At that time, you’ll receive all the info to finalize your reservations. Again, payment is always via Paypal.  

About the Travel Agency:

Exclusively for Peru, we operate in partnership with a local, full service travel agency with whom you’re going to organize your vacation. They organize every detail with you and manage every complexity for you. 

About Other:  

If you don’t immediately find the right options, choose “Other” and explain your needs to us.

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