Suján Rajmahal Palace luxury hotel
If you’re looking for the best luxury hotels, best restaurants and the most instagrammable places in Jaipur India, the Suján Rajmahal Palace should be on top of your list! I fantasized for years about Rajasthan dream vacations, imagining myself in stunning properties that could be the vacation of a lifetime. Here you'll find actual, royal palaces that have been transformed into luxury hotels. Luxurious tents in the middle of the world renowned National Parks of India. Suján Luxury is the entity that encompasses all this.
— January 25th, 2018
This luxury hotel of Jaipur was on my wish list for so long that I began to feel it as a place suspended between space and time. It’s a royal palace from a fairytale, built on a white cloud with pink nuances of a beautiful endless sunset. But this is the one in a million case where the reality is even better than your wildest imagination.

Our Rajasthan dream vacations with Suján Luxury

From faraway Europe, when I considered Jaipur the first two places on my bucket list were the famous marvelous blue room of The City Palace —you can find here the top things to do in Jaipur— and this light pink property with pastel deco wallpaper and male attendants dressed in white with pink turbans. I knew Suján Rajmahal for its famous past (and present!) of worldly celebrations with international VIPs and magical set ups.

Every corner of the palace is a photographer’s dream, and from what I’ve seen they know how to organize a party. But what I didn’t expect was the exiting atmosphere of the daytime life and the impressive service they provide as soon as you cross the door of this noted luxury hotel of Jaipur.

So, as in the iconic scene with Leo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby, our royal adventure in the pink city began with a cup of pink champagne, offered by a charming Indian man trailing a meter-long sash behind his pink turban.

The enchanting world of Suján doesn’t stop with this pink royal palace in Jaipur. They offer the epitome of luxury tents in the main deserts of the Rajasthan region. Suján is the one and only company that provides this high-level kind of adventure. I literally fell in love with all their properties and their infinitely beautiful possibilities: a series of unusual encounters and enriching experiences through ‘The Land of Kings’, as they like to call it.

Without any doubt Suján Luxury owns some of the greatest hotels in the world. Alone, they represent dream vacations. I was curious about who was behind all these beauties. Definitely can’t be a big group. All the properties they’ve created need passion and determination to strive for something so beautiful, to share a unique art de vivre, as they say—no matter how much it costs, or how difficult achieving the end results would be. We thrive on sharing our world, and welcome you to make it a part of yours.

We thrive on sharing our world, and welcome you to make it a part of yours.
Suján Luxury Group

I was surprised by the design of each of these places, the stunning locations and the singular settings. And of course Suján Luxury is a family owned and family run business. I hope to have the possibility to meet them in the future. But let’s focus on Jaipur! If you’re planning to visit the pink city, keep on reading and take note of what you can’t miss!

The pink atmosphere

Our personal hotel review

Siddhesh was our man. He’s in charge of the sales department of the Suján Rajmahal Palace, (but this is another story ;) This handsome young Indian man wears well the typical rajput moustache (you can sense his pride in that) with controlled and elegant movements (believe me, he opens the doors like no one, ever!) he conducted us through every corner of the palace. What a storyteller! The kind that can cause rivers of emotions to rise, despite his calm delivery… a perfect British accent and the dialect of a lord from the past. Room by room, garden by garden, with infinite passion he made us live the mesmerizing stories which took place inside the palace.

Welcome to Rajmahal Palace, one of the oldest and most treasured properties in the “Pink city” of Jaipur. We are delighted to have you as a guest and look forward to spoiling you. We are available around the clock to assist you with anything you might require during your stay with us..
Suján Luxury Group

In a few words: Rajmahal Palace belonged to the Royal Family of Jaipur and was conceived as a pleasure garden for the Maharaja’s most beloved wife. Love is in the air here, as well as an eclectic atmosphere ~ the result of all the people who have passed through in the past. Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth & the Duke of Edinburgh slept here when the palace was a British Residence. Jackie Kennedy Onassis lived in our room for 2 months, as well as the international ‘jet set’ celebrated personalities that came for memorable parties. And if we talk about parties with Siddhesh as our narrator, again Leo DiCaprio and The Great Gatsby come to mind. We echoed Leo’s friend: You can’t repeat the past, but Siddesh, like Leo, promptly answered: Can’t repeat the past? Why, of course you can.

Come and see by yourself…

Siddhesh Wanikar

Here in the present, Siddhesh shows us the ultimate way to experience Jaipur and the Rajmahal Palace (did you have any doubts? He knows everything!!) We found the most beautiful spot to have breakfast in the Palace, their signature ice cream flavor you absolutely must try, and many more details that will make your stay memorable. His suggestions don’t stop at #lifeinThePalace. He helped us discover what’s really special to do in the pink city—secret places where you can blend in with the local community, the shops where you go just to look, and the shops where you go to buy.


I’ll tell you a secret: among all-the-above, there’s one unique thing you can do only if you’re a guest of the Rajmahal Palace: you can enjoy a private tour of The City Palace of Jaipur, maybe during sunset when the light strikes the amazing painted rooms at a magical angle. An elegant car will drive you through the private entrance of the Palace. They’ll guide you through the most beautiful rooms while sharing history and anecdotes of this long dynasty. And surprise! They don’t charge you for the visit, it’s all-inclusive with your accommodation fee. How can is it possible? Because the Rajmahal Palace and The City Palace are owned by the same family, remember? It’s the Royal family of Jaipur, still living in The City Palace :D

The room

Our personal hotel review

Let’s give you some numbers. In Rajmahal Palace you’ll find only twelve rooms. It’s clearly a boutique hotel even if the definition doesn’t do it justice. They’re not conceived of as hotel rooms. They are Palace rooms. Each one is completely unique. They’re mainly all suites with specific personalities, intriguing history and traces of celebrities. When the palace was converted into a hotel, Mr. Adil Ahmad, a celebrated indian designer, was in charge of the restoration work and succeeded in making a palace that embodied the heritage of its past life, maintaining the original, stunning marble staircase, intricate chandeliers, and treasured family possessions, whilst transporting guests into a new Era. :D

Rajmahal is both a classical and a contemporary home within the walls of a royal palace.
Mr. Adil Ahmad

The beautiful wallpapers are in some way a signature of this place. Their floral motifs and geometric shapes tell stories of Jaipur and of the entire Rajasthan… taking you on a beautiful journey between enchanted tales of India’s culture, craft and history. They’re specially created for each room by Good Earth—a stylish sustainable luxury retail that you want to know ;). I’ll talk about them.


But what is the detail that really impressed us?
It’s not just one, but definitely the first is the living perfume you can find in every corner. For each room there is a unique bouquet. Always fresh, always inebriating fragrances. And the natural light that enters from the large windows or the warm atmosphere given off by the old chandeliers. The different color of each area. The personalized service. Everyone knows who you are, when you arrive and when you leave, and they seem to know even better than you, what you need! The Suján team knows how make you feel like a royal… or an international VIP, take your pick! :D.


Suján Rajmahal Palace dining scene

They’re open for guests and non guests. Siddhesh is again our man. Everything passes through him, each booking, each special request. He has the sensibility to manage all with a high standard, creating balance and harmony in order to always have a hall of satisfied guests who will consistently find a pleasing ambience.
So, what choice do we have here? :D
My favorites, the kind that for me are unmissable and do fit in the list of the top things to do in Jaipur (as well as the most Instagrammable places of the pink city) are The Colonnade and 51 Shades of Pink. We chose The Colonnade for a light lunch and for the tea time that btw was the best we had in all Rajasthan. They keep on refilling the plates with fresh cooked delights until you say stop.

The Colonnade is the original Veranda of Rajmahal Palace, it’s the perfect place to meet for a coffee, enjoy a light lunch or catch up with friends over an informal dinner and cocktails. In good weather, guests can sit on the lawns and enjoy the view of the Palace Gardens.

51 Shades of Pink is the perfect spot for breakfast. The natural light of the morning rays on the wallpaper and striking the crystal chandeliers is the best “good morning” you can have in Jaipur. But you need to be a resident guest to enjoy this. Non-resident guests can only enjoy this rare and beautiful room for lunch. 

Adil Ahmad drew influence for this dining room from the iconic Vogue Cover photographed by Norman Parkinson in 1952. The shades of pink have been inspired by the Sharbata courtyard inside The City Palace, Jaipur.

Another beautiful opportunity for a grand dinner is The Orient Occidental, while The Polo bar is the perfect place for a drink after a day spent exploring the city.

The Orient Occident

Step into this grand dining room and experience a rich heritage of the Rajputana rulers. With its high ceilings, gilded mirrors and original artworks, an evening spent here is one that will be remembered forever. The carefully crafted menu offers authentic Indian recipes and finest of European cuisine. 

The Polo Bar

Originally the library, and now aptly named The Polo Bar, this calm space allows guests to enjoy a drink surrounded by the original silver polo trophies of the Maharaja of Jaipur and old team photographs. 

In any case, the Suján Rajmahal Palace luxury hotel needs to be on your top things to do in Jaipur. For a stay or just for a meal, you don’t want to miss it.

SUJÁN Luxury
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