The Lodhi boutique hotel
Viewing this property from the outside, you'd never know what The Lodhi is about. In a few words? It's the quintessential Urban Boutique Resort that for us was the best of two worlds: an intimate escape from a non-stop city life, and the means to access unique, high-quality experiences. Keep on reading for our hotel review to find out everything you don’t want to miss!
— February 8th, 2018
“I wish I could stay forever” is the exact feeling we had from the first moment we entered this vibrant, yet peaceful property. Like two children we found ourselves closing the eyes, making a wish just to indefinitely postpone the day of our departure.

The atmosphere and the amenities

Our personal hotel review

Room. Space. Breathing. Purified air. Light and space, and space again.

You won’t wait in the lobby for the check-in process, it happens in your room. These are the largest available rooms in the city, and even the smallest has its own spacious balcony. Starting from the second category rooms each have a beautiful balcony with a fabulous, iconic plunge pool. It’s the perfect scene for a romantic getaway, but also the ideal place for enjoying a weekend with your friends. You’ll know it’s not a normal hotel from the moment you enter.

Here, you’ll enjoy a club-like atmosphere thanks to a special membership card that allows the delhiites elite to luxuriate in a comprehensive world of wellness & beauty. But it’s not just a place of wellness: there are two in-house restaurants, Élan and Pool Café, well known as destination-dining options boasting chefs from around the world. The new opening includes an Italian restaurant with an high-end Italian chef.

The hotel’s dining scene is acclaimed as one of the finest in the capital, offering vibrant and eclectic options ranging from local specialties to international delicacies.


Élan presents the finest flavors from around the world with a special emphasis on India’s diverse culinary culture. 


Pool Cafè

A serene hideaway next to the swimming pool,
the Pool Café offers Arabic and Mediterranean inspired flavors, inventive drinks and healthy selections for gym habitués.

What we loved about this fancy cosmos was the easy-going approach of the general management, and the staff that quickly became our valuable reference points for discovering New Delhi in an exclusive way. They welcome you as an habitué more than a new guest, offering a smile and a casual chat every morning when you pass through the lobby.

The Lodhi definitely brought our LifeinDelhi to the next level, so much so that we kept on adding days and nights, never wanting to leave for the next chapter of our adventure. I want to explore but I don’t really want to go out. There are fine points here that trap you, entertain you for days so that you list the urge to go outside and explore the city.

We found ourselves asking the same question: what do we want to do today? Most of the time the answer was to take a pilates class, followed by a massage at the SPA and a healthy lunch. Or to challenge ourselves on the tennis or squash courts. Or simply to read a book while floating in the emerald green pool.

Maybe dinner at The Electric Room watching a live performance, or at Indian Accent, the Michelin star restaurant that you’ll find at the gate of The Lodhi hotel—according to us it’s the best restaurant in New Delhi, or maybe in all of India!

The Electric Room

New Delhi’s premier live performance club, The Electric Room is a hub of creativity and home to musicians and composers from around the country. With a luxurious, up-tempo vibe and imaginative menu, the club hosts nightly performances of live experimental music, and is fast emerging as the premier incubator for musical talent in the city. 

There’s no way we wanted to go outside The Lodhi property and its beautiful gardens! Only when we saw, from afar, The Humayun’s tomb from the balcony of our room, did we remind ourselves that New Delhi offers so many places to explore. But the Lodhi hotel is not just a place where you return to sleep, it’s an alive place to live life at its fullest.

The room and the breakfast

Our personal hotel review

At The Lodhi hotel you have the best selection of everything imaginable while staying in a cool, contemporary sanctuary in the middle of a city. However, there are two aspects of this place: it’s a paradise of relaxation and health, but it can also be the exact opposite.

You can take it as the easy city escape, or all the way to the Mecca of an exclusive private party. Imagine a discotheque, loud music and people walking around with a drink in hand … this will never happen! Here we’re talking about another level of partying that unfolds from the scenic views of the expansive balconies in each room. A fully equipped cocktail cabinet is present in every room, with shaker, glasses and liquor bottles that you can purchase at almost the same cost as the supermarket. A Bose sound system is also here. You can play your music all day long without disturbing the other guests—eight floors of guest accommodations lost in the horseshoe structure with only two rooms on each side.

The result is a paradise of silence accompanied by the feeling of being at home, in your apartment, with just a few neighbors that you’ll never meet.

The Lodhi offers the perfect elements for everything you want to do, all depending upon what you want when you wake up each morning.

I loved our stay here for a million little details: our room was really an apartment. For the first time since we left home we had enough space for our morning yoga practice … for us this was priceless, and I’m sure that everyone will discover some priceless perk that makes you immediately feel at home. The minimalist bathroom with a view of the pool had an enveloping feeling of privacy, even if you could see outside. The toiletries are incredible. I can’t forget the smell of the shampoo and body wash that reminded me every of being in a SPA.

In the walk-in wardrobes you’ll find two velvety robes, one for the shower and one for being cozy in your room.

The breakfast? I can’t give it less than 5 stars. No buffet but à la carte with healthy choices, such as my favorite: oatmeal and fresh squeezed juice, or more indulgent choices such as the fresh homemade bakery basket, produced each morning by the colorful house bakery, or else the typical Indian breakfast—Dosa and Paratha—merit a try!

At The Lodhi we had the best time ever, immersed in the contemporary style environment that I truly appreciate, but what I valued more than anything was the exclusive experience that only they can provide.

The access to unique, high-standard experiences.

A story of a perfect day.

After spending so much time enjoying the hotel, we saw a sign…

“The difficult you can have right away, the impossible just takes a little longer” 

Qtumb Minar was on my to-do list but I didn’t have the possibility to visit before, because it’s rather far from the center, and we always chose other places closer in.

I thought to myself, “This is the ultimate way to explore Qtumb Minar”, leaving very early in the morning give us a chance to not get stuck in the infamous Delhi traffic. A private car was waiting for us, saving time and avoiding the hassle to find a taxi or call a Uber. Of course I found the idea of a picnic breakfast in the middle of a park extremely romantic. I loved everything about the concierge’s proposal, but we didn’t think that it would be feasible. I mean, Qtumb Minar is one of the main sights in New Delhi. How could they make that happen?! But I was wrong: at The Lodhi hotel nothing is impossible.

At 5.30am the next day, we found ourselves in a private car heading towards the south of Delhi. Qtumb Minar, I’ll finally have the pleasure of meeting you! Subhash was our man. With his gentle, congenial way of talking, he introduced us to the place, also telling us all the local anecdotes. Here, not long ago, was the biggest flower market in the city, many stalls with ladies preparing colorful flower garlands. Now, only a few of them remain, spreading the soft smell of fresh flowers typical of a real Indian morning. Walking around the park we passed through groups of old women doing yoga together on the multiple little hills … rather than doing yoga, they pretended to do it :D

They were chatting the whole time among each other. Friends for a lifetime, this intimate morning ritual seemed to be their perfect moment of the day. I could imagine them running out their homes into each other for a little exercise an intimate talk between old friends. Secrets and gossip about their neighbors mixed with stories of their beautiful and talented grandchildren. Those proud grandmothers were watching us passing through the park, smiling at us and welcoming us into their world.

Subhash arranged the perfect picnic breakfast in a magical setting: we found ourselves in a tiny, ancient domed-temple, like a gazebo in the middle of a grassy green hill. We were surrounded by trees. Underneath them we saw sweetly-sleeping, good dogs, Qtminer in front of us, and we paused to enjoy that enchanting moment before taking a walk through the park and the ruins. It was a unique way to start the day, immersed in the local community with an exclusive ancient place reserved only for us. The breakfast was astounding as usual: the classic bakery basket with donuts, croissants, cinnamon rolls and everything you could imagine. Fresh orange juice and sandwiches.

After spending some hours immersed in Nature and the Qtumb Minar ruins, our next stop was Khan Market for a serious shopping experience.

The Lodhi hotel
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