Travel memories that last forever
Have you ever thought about how to preserve your travel memories after returning to work-a-day life? Creative solutions to making those memories last longer include the usual photos and videos we upload on Instagram and Facebook, or even scrapbooks that most of us have no time to create. But is it possible to also bring back actual feelings? We found a way that starts with the fleeting realm of scents…
— February 10th, 2018
Writing by Chiara Egisti
Selected by Anna Pergolesi
“The reason a new perfume is created is never a market necessity, but the need to tell a story.  Notes, chords and alcohol converge with visions, reflections on a journey, sensations re-lived for a split second and fragments of passion form the main ingredients
of Laboratorio Olfattivo’s fragrances”

There’s no such place as far away

Think about the first week back in your office after summer vacation: on Day One you’re still high on the experiences you had, the people you met, food you ate, and the special shopping you did… the day goes by quickly because you’re still in the afterglow of your trip. Then Day Two: meetings, new projects, deadlines; colleagues who came back from holidays before you and are already working at full speed. Your vacation is over much too abruptly, and even photos and videos don’t bring back your exact feelings. 

What can we do about it? Scrapbooks, destination boxes, sending postcards to yourself are some of the ways everyone’s talking about reviving their vacation moments, but considerable time and work is needed to make them really special, like the ones you see on Pinterest.

Music definitely revives more profound memories than just a photo, but what’s really effective for me is fragrance, a perfume that will unlock another level of memory, the one that can make you experience everything within yourself again. Fragrances take you deeper than a record of routes, restaurants and hotels. Because when you revive an olfactory experience within yourself, the first moment you smell that particular scent again, you remember everything.

Because when you revive an olfactory experience within yourself, the first moment you smell that particular scent again, you remember everything

The first time this happened to me was a long time ago…my first study holiday in Dublin. Waking up to the light from the attic skylight where I slept…cold, bright white light. The sound of my feet padding across the floor…slightly warm parquet. The crisp air of the Irish morning…the smell of wet grass. The excitement of going to school and meeting that blond guy with blue eyes… it tightened my heart. Then Trinity College’s stone wall at my double-decker coach stop…the heat of the bus and the damp draft coming through open doors. The musician on the street…singing with my friends while walking in the typical drizzle…

I could keep on going forever, feeling like a teenager again whenever I smell a specific body cream I bought for the first time before leaving on this trip. Surely you know what I mean because it happens in daily life—the cologne my father wore, or waking up to the smell of coffee in my aunt’s house… it’s familiar to all of us and believe me, it also applies to a trip!

The idea is one tripone fragrance in order to capture the essence of those magical days where stress didn’t exist, leaving space for the pleasure feeling we want to take home with us.


The gods created scents, men make perfumes

Jean Giono

Looking at artistic perfumeries our attention was caught by Laboratorio Olfattivo, a Made in Italy brand distributed worldwide, where inspirations become perfumes. 

Consider the following:
Laboratorio Olfattivo is a project based on pure creativity where Roberto Drago, creative director of the brand, merges the endeavours of the most eclectic noses currently on the scene. They produce creative sparks and dream fragments that are then transformed by Laboratorio Olfattivo into fine fragrances”.

“It’s dedicated to Artistic Perfumery, a collection of fragrances where artistic research and Perfume Art are the main protagonists”

The pure, minimalist line of the bottles and the packaging is very beautiful. The fragrances are very unique and refined, you can’t find them everywhere, only in selected places. This aspect make them perfect for what we want to do: you won’t detect them on everyone you pass on the street. Your perfume will be the exclusive door to your vacation, the emotional experience of your trip long after you return to your computer, and while running between meetings and events.


I’ve always wanted to create trips that go beyond tourism, that let you savor your personal experiences within yourself, involving all of your senses beyond the physical; perceiving emotions, creativity and the beauty that washed over you. I wanted to remember exactly the way it was upon my return home. An essence, an exclusive, artisanal perfume that captures the essence of your trip is a magical way to do so. 

…There’s no such place as far away…

photo courtesy of:  Laboratorio Olfattivo

Laboratorio Olfattivo Store

One store located in one of the most vibrant italian cities, Torino, on Via Mazzini 6. I could talk for hours about Turin (Torino) and its eclectic, visionary ambiance. It’s a city with a deep desire for renewal, populated by artists, featuring many art galleries and events. A cultural microcosm enclosed in an almost perennial grey sky and mountains where reality ends and fantasy begins.

The LO store fits perfectly in this city through a plurality of suggestions, coming from a variety of products, and a shop architecture of Industrial Chic. It’s fills a crucial need for an artistic perfume exponent and for everyone like us, travelers looking for an exceptional, unique fragrance that evokes our memories.

Here’s  where to find Laboratorio Olfattivo fragrances. 

Are you ready to know the timeless power of fragrances?

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