1. Travel advisor

We provide you with a customized list of options for the following locations: Thailand, Bali, Los Angeles, Joshua Tree, Miami, Lima, Milan, Rome, Tuscany and Barcelona.

You’ll receive:

A list entitled Chiara’s Choices that include the coolest activities and experiences each destination has to offer, along with a custom plan that lets you fully enjoy travel in a timesaving manner.

A map with the location of each tip (2-3 tips/category), along with descriptions, prices, our personal comments, and all the info you need to make reservations. You won’t waste time researching and planning. We’ll equip you with everything you need to efficiently organize your day, week, or even a month-long trip.

This is how it works: 

First complete the form.

2. Travel agency

Exclusively for Peru we operate in partnership with a local, full service travel agency with whom you’re going to organize your vacation. One staff professional ensures consistency throughout your trip, executes your trip to perfection, makes sure that everything runs smoothly in terms of international and local airlines, hotels, legal requirements, outdoor activities, permits at national parks, car rental, drivers, guides, train tickets, ferries etc.

If you want a perfect Peruvian experience, it’s essential to work with travel experts who understand how things are done in Peru. They’ve a trusted network of connections. If an issue arises, they are your advocate in resolving any situation asap. They organize every detail with you and manage every complexity for you.

Fill out the form with as much information as possible, because every detail you write helps us deliver your optimal, customized plan.